Laser Cutter

Laser cutting is ideal for very fine, intricate work that needs speed and accuracy. It is best suited to thinner ferrous metals and materials that are fire resistant.

Laser cutting has a low impact on the material structure and the edge finish can be varied, depending on the material. Operations such as cutting holes and slots can be incorporated into the cutting process, avoiding costly additional work.

Once programmed, parts can be recalled from a database and used at any time to make the most of your materials.

Laser Cutting Features:

Cutting accuracy: to 0.1mm

Thickness: up to 12mm for mild steel, up to 5mm for aluminium, up to 4mm for stainless steel

Working range: 1250mm to 2500mm

The machine: Trumatic L2530 Plus Laser Cutting Machine

2.2kW laser

Sheet loading table for larger pieces

Two pallet system

What we can cut:

Thinner ferrous materials, including mild and galvanised steel, aluminium and stainless steel