At Orana Precision Cutting Services, our laser, water jet and plasma machines employ advanced manufacturing processes that are computer controlled to produce precise finishes that are accurate and allow for a consistent finish.

Our highly experienced team uses state of the art technology to help save you time and money.

We have cut everything from steel joinery components to kitchen benches, intricate murals, mirrors, hot rod parts, brake disks and even the components for a 3D printer.

 Water Jet Cutter

Water jet cutting uses a combination of high pressure water at 60,000 psi with an abrasive feed directed at the material surface as the cutting medium.

The water jet machine is ideal for relatively soft materials and low melting point and inflammable materials such as aluminium. The cutting head has a five axis design to allow bevel cutting and is suited to a wide range of materials.

Water jet cutting has applications in stone, granite and composite materials, where the erosion process is not as stressful as conventional methods. This is proving particularly popular with kitchen manufacturers who can achieve a fast, accurate finish with smooth and precise joins. It is also saving time and providing a quality finish for builders, renovators and landscapers who are looking for intricate designs and smooth, rounded edges in timber trims, gates and paving.

Water Jet Cutting Features:

Cutting accuracy               +/-

Thickness                               up to 150mm

The machine                        Dardi Water Jet with five axis cutting head